Our Club Commandments

  1. Our members are all equal regardless of financial, social or cultural standings. In our club nobody is more or less than anybody.
  2. Our members have a clear vision of what they want, how and when they want it. Our club is not for lost souls.
  3. Our members are passionate and ambitious explorers who understand the beauty of life and how brief it can be.
  4. Our members are aware of false social misconceptions. They don't follow social stereotypes and instead, go with their own mind.
  5. Our members are risk takers and not “wannabes”. They are comfortable in their own skin. Nevertheless they strive for more.
  6. Our members know how to spot an opportunity and seize it. They don't leave it to chance.
  7. Our members are generous but at the same time have nothing to prove. We avoid pretentious and selfish individuals.
  8. Our members understand that love and commitment comes when the time is right and they won't push for it. Neither will they close themselves to it.
  9. Our members invest in one another and respect each other's time. When possible they spoil each other.
  10. Self-improvement is the ultimate dating advice.